Baziw Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Specializing in Seismic System Designs



BCE brings state-of-the-art applied seismology technology and services that allow for better and faster diagnostics of the sub-surface

BCE manufactures and distributes multi-channel seismic systems. BCE provides proprietary and state-of-the-art seismic data processing services. BCE's analytical algorithms allow for site characterizations utilizing downhole seismic testing (DST), blind seismic deconvolution and real-time passive and microseismic event detection.

BCE provides the following software packages:
  • SC(1-15)-DAC® data acquisition software
  • SC(1-15)-DAC Pro® advanced data acquisition and analysis software
  • SC(1-3)-μSeis® autonomous SCPT (A-SCPT) data acquisition system
  • SC(1-15)-RAV® data reduction, analysis and visualization software packages with patented (ie., US Patent #5,177,709 and Canadian Patent #2,077,387) digital signal processing algorithms for deriving in-situ interval velocities and absorption Q values
  • BSDSolver® for blind seismic deconvolution
  • μSeis-DAC® for real-time passive and microseismic event detection

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BCE’s Seismic Data Acquisition & Data analysis software is fully compatible with the seismic CPT equipment of the following manufacturers:

                               Manufacturer     Data Acquisition Software   Data Analysis Software
   A.P. van den Berg          
  Geomil Equipment
  Geotech (Geoprobe) 
  Pagani Geotechnical